Golf Club Hire and Rental Scotland.

Fàilte gu Alba!

Scotland. With its astounding natural beauty, rich culture and heritage, plus home to many of the most historic courses in the world. It’s the perfect place to play some amazing golf courses. It would be our pleasure to be the providers of your golf club hire on your trip to Scotland. In addition, visit some of the most dramatic scenery in the world and experience the warm and gentle atmosphere created by the locals. Helped along with a dram of your favourite whisky.

Golf Club Rental Scotland is here to make your trip as enjoyable as possible, removing the need for you to travel with your golf clubs and equipment, above all, freeing up your time to make the most of your journey.

Our Commitment to Golf Club Hire and Rental Customers

This might be the first time you’ve considered travelling light and thinking about choosing from our golf club rentals; or you may be a seasoned pro wanting to have the exact specification; from the driver in your bag to the grip on your putter. You’re probably thinking like most golfers visiting Scotland about playing Links Golf, however there are many challenging inland courses that will take your breathe away. They will probably even be a welcome break if you have already tackled a demanding Links circuit. Check out at our blog on Scotland’s Links Golf and how we can help you around the greens.

Whatever your golf club hire request and however custom your needs – we’ll make it work for you!

Golf Club Hire Scotland Dunbarnie
Links Courses
With the Golf Club Rental Scotland guides’ experience, we will not only get you to where the great courses are – but we’ll get your tee off time arranged too. Our team is knowledgeable, friendly and ready to take you on the trip of your dreams.
Golf Club Hire Scotland Renaissance

Inland Courses

When the wind blows and the links look intimidating, there are many amazing inland courses to weather the storm and keep you playing. You will experience some hidden gems that are not on the typical golfing holiday.

However you feel about that question, this poem by Bo Links encapsulates the feeling and love for the game, that we as golfers have regardless of answer.

Scotland's Courses - club hire and rental at your hotel or even the 1st Tee!